WORDS 2 Video compilation on the occasion of the 39th Poetry International Festival Rotterdam

Botersloot 44a
3011 HH Rotterdam
(near Central Library)


06.06.08 – 15.06.08 : WORDS 2

Words 2 is a collection of pieces - or registrations of pieces - by artists who work live with language but are not specifically poets, singers or actors. (or as PJ Roggeband said: I am really all of them in one).

Words 2 shows a number of pieces by visual artists, choreographers, musicians and theatre people who use language in a more or less composed form.
Sound, rhythm and compositions of words and sentences are mainly used as imagery.
Besides conveying information, language here also refers to itself, particularly, as a space / time process, in the same way it does in oral poetry,

Words 2 comments on poetry but can also be seen as an ode to poetry from other art disciplines.


List of works:

Angelika Fojtuch PL
'Onitoja' 2008 2.00
A self portrait in which the names of parents and ancestors gradually fade.

Gabriëlle Barros Martins NL
'Woorden als woorden in de loop van de tijd' 2008 7.00
Registration of a uncompromising performance as a study of the sound of the spoken word.

Marina Abramovic NL
'Freeing the memory' 1975 14.50 min
A stream of words and concepts, a ritual depiction of recollection and memory.

Arf/Arf AU
From video registration Thread of voice 1993 fragment 1 2.10
A group of voice performers who also particularly enjoy their art

Dana Sederowsky SE
'Special Announcements: Terrorism' from 2006 ongoing. Video-performance 1.43
The perfection of both image and performance puts the words in an enormous conceptual space.

Jonathan Burrows/Matteo Forgion UK
'Speaking dance' from dance performance Three Duets, Bayliss Theatre London 2007
Registration: Hugo Glendinning
Two male dancers who play a light-footed game with the sound of words.

Dana Sederowsky SE
'Special Announcements: Religion' from 2006 ongoing. Video-performance. 1.41

Moniek Toebosch NL
From 'Verzamelde beelden/toevallen/af- en toespraken' 1980/83 fragment 1 2.32
A visual artist and all ingredients of theatre: a role, a text, grime and even drama.

Jeroen Offerman NL
The Stairwy at St. Pauls 2002 video performance 7.00
A kaleidoscopic game with time: what is actually running forwards or backwards?

A.T. de Keersmaker / Thierry De Mey BE
'Tippeke' dance performance on film, fragment 5.46
A film of an evening landscape, a dancer and a children’s song.

Moniek Toebosch NL
From 'Verzamelde beelden/toevallen/af- en toespraken' 1980/83 fragment 2 3.22

Dana Sederowsky SE
'Special Announcements: Doomsday' from 2006 ongoing. Video-performance. 1.43

Tim Etchells UK
'Down time' video performance 2005 8.00
A self portrait: thoughts, a look aimed at the camera, time as tangible substance

Arf/Arf AU
From video registration Thread of voice 1993 fragment 2 2.15

Ines Dunemann DE
Work 2007 videoperformance 1.00
The minimal to monumental movement of a mouth pronouncing the word ‘Work’.

Dan Graham UK
Audience/performer/mirror 1977 registration performance De Appel Amsterdam 16.20
The marvel of the artist who uses language to make a sculpture of the relationship between the performer and audience.

PJ. Roggeband NL
'Het elfletterig genootschap' registration performance Petazzie, de Effenaar Eindhoven december 6th 2007 fragment 3.43
A hilarious ritual as an incantation of the phenomenon of language.


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