What is (Australia like)?
open from 12u to 17u
08.01.2008 - 22.01.2008

What is (Australia like)?
A compilation of Australian video's by Kim Donaldson

What is Australia like? There are those that are interested in sport, those that are political, those that like to travel, those that like to just sit and watch, others who don’t mind waiting and those that like to do. There are also those who are interested in popular culture, others who are into architecture and others still who are into sci-fi or environmental issues. There is also a lot of space and it never really gets cold. This program of thirteen artists is not about narratives but about what is.

Artists: Santina Amato, OSW, Brie Trenerry, Lyndal Jones, Russell Kitchen, Janenne Eaton, Taree McKenzie, Jarrah de Kuijer, Laresa Kosloff, Sue Dodd, Sanja Pahoki, Jo Sciluna and Kim Donaldson