Convolution Kernel
open from 12u to 17u
23.01.2008 - 03.02.2008

Roos Theuws : Convolution Kernel : 2007

Roos Theuws is an artist working in video and digital imaging. She goes a long way in pushing the boundaries of the medium’s conceptual consequences: her entire oeuvre forms a way of thinking about the matter. Convolution Kernel (2007) is a good example of this.
Roos filmed a falling drop of water and slowed it down in various ways; at the most extreme delay this happens so slowly that the arising images bear no relation anymore to the recorded situation, becoming something real and unreal at the same time. The extremely slow changes, barely perceptible to the naked eye, make demands on our power of observation and its reliability. In order to show the falling drops in different timetrack- developments , measuring each other's speed, Roos has decided to show two tracks simultaneously: one in which the falling drop is slowed down to 53 minutes and another which is slowed down to a less extreme extend.
In their atmospheric beauty the images refer to theatre and landscape painting, and especially in focussing on the relationshop between images and time, Convolution Kernel is an interesting item during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.