02.12.2004 - 24.12.2004

Anu Pennanen - Monument for the invisible
Petra Lindholm - Wear the bazooka
Ole Mads Vevle - But what’s it all about? & The scream

04.01.2005 - 24.01.2005

Tellervo Kalleinen - In the middel of a movie
Mariken Kramer - Unbreakable & En av gutta
Minna Suomiemi - Softaajat

Dutch media often refer to the Nordic countries for their successful economies, technological developments and foreigners’ policy. The success of the Nordic welfare state is a popular subject with artists from this region. This exhibition is put together to show what visions they have on their environment and to put the Dutch appreciation in a perspective. The artists investigate subjects such as the apparent safety and stability of the Nordic society, its homogeneous character, and the globalisation and commercialisation of the region. They attempt to detect what one could regard as the ‘system errors’ of this model.

With regards to the Dutch news, one could argue that the absence of a conflict with the Islamic population in the Nordic region can be contributed to its homogenous and safe appearance. The videos however reveal conflicts that are hidden under this facade. Sometimes they are indefinable or simply not visible, cracks in the ice, or merely disturbing feelings. Sometimes they come about explicitly, violently and with noise. Through these videos the visitor can make an opinion about the region based on stories and images instead of numbers and figures.

guest curator: Martijn van Berkum