Desire and resistance determine the motion
open from 12u to 17u
26.02.08 - 02.03.08 : Nina Kovacheva (BG) / Valentin Stefanoff (FR)

Nina Kovacheva (BG) / Valentin Stefanoff (FR)
Desire and resistance determine the motion : 2007 : 7 minute loop

'Desire....' impresses by its enormous contrasts. On one hand it is a very minimalistic single shot, at the same time it has a rough (balkanesk?) theatricallity. It has a violent dynamics and at the same time it is mesmerizing.

Nina and Valentin:
'A blank screen. A tiny light appears at the center and gradually grows in size until it takes the quadrangular shape of a light tunnel. One can see the violent and aggressive motion of something on tow. The « thing » submerges and emerges but never comes to a halt. The image swells until it fills the screen. Then it keeps growing and we find ourselves overwhelmed and immersed in the depths of the vortex. At some point we come to feel one with this motion and are overcome by the desire to move and resist. The screen goes blank again, still echoing with the sound, which is intrusive and as if beating time, thus reminding us of a ritual'