The Climbing of buildings, fences and other opportunities
open from 12u to 17u

19.09.2006 - 01.10.2006

The Climbing of buildings, fences and other opportunities (loop) 2006
Jeroen Jongeleen

Under the name Influenza this unguided projectile is doing multiple interventions in the public domain. In his work he plays with all the different sets of codes and rules that are around to control the cities. He did various sticker projects to play with the rules, regulations and our habits that are out there. Readjustments of already existing street elements like his 'repainted graffiti paintings', gray squares painted on clean walls, or 'information blackouts' (crossing out the information of commercial posters in the streets) give an idea of his militant graphic approach of "free and easy accessible information flow". He is a strong believer of the revaluation of traces we can leave behind to prove our existence for the next civilizations to come after us. "We need more damage, more use, celebration and less cover-ups. Traces of usage and signs that speak on behalf of us." This short film exists of footage that Jeroen took while climbing on things in cities. Trying to enter places you can’t enter or climb on things you shouldn’t be climbing and leave a mark is the main theme of this compilation.