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Ground connexion

24.03.2014 - 30.03.2014

Martin Hansen : Ground connexion : 2002

“Groundconnexion” is a filmic exploration of the surface of our planet, a collection of ground shots that show what I saw in front of my feet on a journey around the world. My hikes took me to the blue icy glaciers of the Alps and over steaming volcanic rocks in Anatolia. I crossed arid fields in Mali and polluted meadows of flowers in Romania. I strolled over glass bridges in Paris and fought my way through the dusty litter-strewn streets of India.
The images of these places were always taken in the same way. The camera, which is fixed on a steadycam, points down at an angle to the floor, moving slowly forward for one minute along an imaginary line. The continual forward movement generates a suggestive tension. At the same time the film is without comment or action. Hence a space generated in which one’s own association can arise, just like going on a relaxed walk, where the rhythm of the steps gradually becomes the rhythm of one’s thoughts.

Martin Hansen 2005

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