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early video works

10.03.2014 - 23.03.2014

Lydia Schouten : early video works

I remember Lydia Schouten's early video works as an almost Disney sort of entertainment: a fairy-like combination of animation, performance and cinema in a theatre setting with cardboard objects and props. Cheerful, playing and colourful on one side, the work at the same time showed the melancholy of unfulfilled desires. Lydia brought together various important actual developments, i.a. superficial television and cinema-entertainment, performance and video art and the emancipation of female sexuality. Her work is the ultimate performance of the extremes of artistic practice: being fully sensitive to the surrounding world and at the same time dreaming in the own cocoon. Besides video-performances Lydia continues expressing her attitudes in drawings, installations and works in public space (e.g. the fence of roses at the incinerator in Rotterdam Charlois). In an art world dominated by video and projections, we wanted to highlight the importance of Lydia's early works again. The title of her recent exhibition 'We tell ourselves stories in order to live' also fits her early works, they are indeed like rituals for surviving. 15 February - 12 march: solo show at Galerie Oranjerie, Lijnbaansgracht 307, Amsterdam.
~ Toine Horvers



TUESDAY 18.03.2014 - 8pm : artist talk : Lydia SchouteN

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