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Animation 4

17.02.2014 - 09.03.2014

compilation : Animation 4

Animation: how to make non-moving images moving? Bart Vegter started by filming sheets of paper that were moved by him in front of a lamp. Not many art forms are so inventive with new techniques for creating changes and movements in images than animation. There is always this overlap of disciplines: drawing, performance, film, painting, collage in order to make something new happen with existing images. The compilation Animation 4 shows a variety of possible techniques and disciplines.

MaJa Rohwetter - Manon Bovenkerk - Gracia Khouw -
Bart Vegter - Jaap de Ruig - Diederik Klomberg - Esther Urlus - Sije Kingma - Ilse Leenders - Lydia Schouten

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