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18.11.2013 - 01.12.2013


Since 2010 the Italian artists Lorenzo Casali and Micol Roubini worked together in an impressive row of films, installations, sound works and publications. Next to their periods of living in Rotterdam and Milan, their works come into being during long travels and residencies in different countries. Lorenzo and Micol are adventurers, their works are always the result of getting intrigued by unexpected meetings with places, landscapes, people and stories. At first sight the works show a strong (Italian?) feeling for beauty, a theatrical sort of aesthetics. At the same time there is always the shrill contrast with aspects of social or ecological wrongs behind this beauty. The compilation will show:

Scansione, Milano 2006, miniDV, 7’44” Lorenzo Casali
Safely Unknown, Milano 2009, miniDV, 4’ Micol Roubini
Ignition, Cork 2010, miniDV, 8’23” Casali/Roubini
Green Gold, Nykarleby Finland, 2012, DVCAM, 13’40” Casali/Roubini
Woodland Atlas / Atlante Silvestre, Valle Camonica, Italy, 2012, HD, 16’ Casali/Roubini

TUESDAY 26.11.2013 - 8PM : Artists talk

This evening Lorenzo and Micol will present their new film, made during a residency at the Scottish Sculpture workshop this summer, 'Arrange your rocks naturally', and possibly some works by Lorenzo from his first Rotterdam residency at Duende in 2008 - 2009, works about the demolitions of Crooswijk and where at the end he started working with the sound recordings of Micol.

Highlighting Micols specialisation we will be able to listen to a sound piece, created for the artists installation "travelling on the lunar surface" which is based on an ongoing project for which they make travels on cargo ships along European rivers.

Besides the videos we look forward to hear some of their amazing stories.

Entrance fee 5€

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