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21.10.2013 - 27.10.2013

LLOYD DUNN : 55505 PAREIDOLIA : 2011-13 : 55166 EDGE CASE

Lloyd Dunn (US/CZ) is a multimedia artist working in machine-based media since the 1980s. He studied multimedia and electronic music. In 1987, Dunn cofounded the Tape-beatles, who did some early experiments with sound recording and expanded cinema performances.

55505 pareidolia draws inspiration from the notion of a “pure cinema,” disconnected from narrative or documentary concerns. The artist also feels strongly the influence of Eisenstein’s theories of montage, especially as filtered through Pelechian’s theory of distance montage. In October 2013, Suburban Video presents the first part of 55505 pareidolia, the 55166 edge case.

From the filecast project nula.cc

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