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Eat & Drink Diary

06.05.2013 - 19.05.2013

GabriËlle Barros Martins / Ieke Trinks :
Dagboek Eten & Drinken (Eat & Drink Diary) :
A photo and video archive

During 3 years Gabriëlle and Ieke photographed everything they ate and drank. The act of photographing combined with capturing the sounds became a ritual part of their everyday lives. In Sub urban video lounge they will screen the materials from their archive for the first time. Dagboek Eten & Drinken shows the artist's fascination with everyday life and the consumption of food. It is a collection and archive of habits and routines. Besides eating and drinking the material shows something about the space, the background and the moment in which the photo's were taken. Each picture represents a moment of daily life.


Sub Urban Video Lounge is supported by Municipal Services for Arts and Culture, City of Rotterdam, Budelinc and Urban Espresso Bar.
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