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01.04.2013 - 07.04.2013


As a painter Peter Koole experiments with extensions in different media. He combines painted images with sounds, objects, light projections and especially with words and texts, sometimes presented in multi layered or distorted recordings of his own voice. The artist is intensively and critically aware of the world around him, fed by the daily news on political and economical issues as well as by texts from novels and poetry, resulting in his works in 'surrealistic' mixtures of reality and fiction. Elfriede bist Laden is a combination of painting, text and video projection with sound.

Elfriede bist Laden 2011
Person is easy mark, standing in front of bookcase. Back towards the door.
Person is shot twice in the back of the head by U.S. Navy Seals. Both shots enter into the same spot of the head. Bullets leave the head diagonally opposite through the left and right eye. Person’s body is yanked off, ascended by aircraft and dumped into the sea.
At the bottom of the sea person is facedown, shot wound in the back of the head. Person is identified as Osama bin Laden. Next to person is Elfriede Jelinek, Austrian writer of Die Kinder der Toten.
Author is bending over person and speaking words into the hole in the back of person’s head. Author is willing to donate all language author no longer needs. With each transmitted word person rises a little further to sea level. Author donates into person’s head all verbs, nouns, articles, demonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, relative pronouns and prepositions.
In the end person, reloaded with language, floats away.
In the end author is left with a small number of adverbs and adjectives, the disapproving ones. 


MONday 01.04.2013 - 4pm : OPENING with a drink

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