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25.02.2013 - 10.03.2013

Katrin Jaquet : DIOPTRICS

Katrin Jaquet's (DE) work is a visual and philosophical meditation about the phenomenon of photography and its inseparable relation with light, time and material. After experiments in which she confronted photographed images via light projection with real matter, like human bodies and faces, she started looking at photography in a more philosophical way, literally using historical quotes and illustrations from books about the item, for instance Descartes' La Dioptrique, which images she presents as projected light. Her work more and more resulted in visual experiments with the material and psychological appearance of light, in strict relation to the medium photography. Knowing about Sub Urban's basic idea to show art via projection of light, Katrin presents the results of her artistic adventure in an ongoing series of slides, this ultimate medium about light, time and processed photographic material.


tuesday 26.02.2013 - 8pm : artist talk and presentation
Sub Urban Video Lounge is supported by Municipal Services for Arts and Culture, City of Rotterdam, Budelinc and Urban Espresso Bar.
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