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Ding Shan

18.02.2013 - 24.02.2013

Jan van den Dobbelsteen : Ding Shan : ’97-’07

During his residency in a ceramic factory in this Chinese city which has an old tradition of ceramics, Jan van den Dobbelsteen placed his camera for an hour in a window of his studio, in order to continuously register the lively crossroads in front of the factory. There is a constant noise of traffic, people and car horns. It is an everyday normal situation but for some reason it keeps one watching it, all the time slightly different things are happening. The ceramics are always in view and the people who pass by, automatically move their hands along the edge of the enormous ceramic pots. The Sub Urban Video Lounge will be full of Ding Shan's street sounds for one week.


LONG SHOT #34 (66 minutes loop, first screening in Sub Urban in 2007)

Sub Urban Video Lounge is supported by Municipal Services for Arts and Culture, City of Rotterdam, Budelinc and Urban Espresso Bar.
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