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Fax Film

04.02.2013 - 17.02.2013

Myriam van Imschoot : Fax Film : 2008

Many works of writer and performer Myriam Van Imschoot (BE) can be traced back to her life-long collected archive. Using the term 'Expanded Publication', she publishes archival materials in different media: sound installation, video, performance, lecture, and since recently, on Oral Site, a digital platform that she developed for experimental documentation and speech-based works. Fax Film could be seen as an Expanded Publication: a fax machine continually spitting out sheets of papers with names of - more or less famous - artists, names that show up for a short time and then vanish again when the machine drops the sheet. The regular pace of the machine, unpredictably halting and then continuing again hint at the relativity of live. Like in her later video's the video is a long shot, using a steady frame and a clear focus on one action.

http://myriamvanimschoot.wordpress.com - http://sarma.be/oralsite

LONG SHOT #33 (34 minutes loop)

THURSday 07.02.2013 - 8pm : artist talk and presentation
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