10.12.2012 - 23.12.2012


"I am a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in film/moving images and installation. Through my work I try to experience the vital dimensions of life, absorbing and partaking in it, grasping its wholeness, in which exploration and reflective contemplation are profound mental drives.
For Sub urban video lounge I will present a video installation, creating a subtle and meditative visual environment that deals with different relationships between time and space. 'Neither a tree nor a grass' and 'Balga' will be installed and projected in a combination with other, related moving images. Both works are inspired by a plant native to Australia, the grass tree. I was attracted by the slow growth of grass trees, their spectacular figures and the ways in which their existence connects the land, the plant and the human."

Sunday 23.12.2012 - 2pm : 16 mm screening
Lichun Tseng will screen some of her works on 16mm

Sub Urban Video Lounge is supported by Municipal Services for Arts and Culture, City of Rotterdam, Budelinc and Urban Espresso Bar.