01.11.2011 - 06.11.2011: LONG SHOTS #30


Marcus Kaiser: Unterholz #8

Since years German musician/composer/visual artist Marcus Kaiser works on his ongoing project Unterholz. Unterholz is the word for an ongoing process in nature. Organisms live and die and their remnants form a layer which starts rotting and by this creates new life, which then will die, and so on..... Marcus Kaiser is a musician and a composer, he is a member of the international composers group Wanderweiser which is centered in Düsseldorf Germany. He creates sometimes natural sometimes architectural surroundings in which he places live music, performed on cello by himself, or with various instruments by other musicians in combinations with video projections.

Unterholz is a musical video project, or a video music installation. He made a video background like a forest, on front of which he performed specially composed music for various instruments. He filmed the session on video and projected this registration as a background for a next performance which then again is filmed on video, and so on. Marcus himself is always present in the images, playing the cello.

In May this year, Marcus was invited by Suburban video lounge to participate in our live event Music & Film in Goethe-Institut Rotterdam. For this situation he performed Unterholz #7 with the musicians Heleen van Haegenborgh on piano, Antoine Beuger, artistic leader of Wandelweiser, on flute and Marcus himself on cello.
Later he organized Unterholz #8 in Aarau (G)  and this version is what we see now projected in Suburban video lounge. Due to the concept of Unterholz the earlier images will slowly vanish, but we can still see the quite clear images of the Rotterdam performance which was really beautiful and atmospheric.

This week on Friday Unterholz #9 will take place in ICA in London.

~ Toine horvers