04.05.2011 - 21.05.2011


A presentation of works in which music and film are conceptually interwoven, either by collaboration between filmmaker and musician or by the individual artist who combines both disciplines.

Karel Doing - Michal Osowsky - Jacky Sawatzky- Wende Bartley - Cora Schmeiser - Stephanie Pan - Inga Schneider - Pierre Bastien - Heleen van Haegenborgh - Lukas Simonis - Huib Emmer - Nina Hitz - Joost van Veen - Kaoru Iwamura - Florian Cramer- ArnolD Marinissen - Rob Marinissen - Danielle Lemaire - Marcus Kaiser - Antoine Beuger - KLAUS WYBORNY

Supported by Municipal Services for Arts and Culture, City of Rotterdam, Goethe-Institut Rotterdam and Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht.


Faces (NL) Tijdlus : 2008 : fragment performance registration
FACES is the name of the group, TIJDLUS is the name of the project. Tijdlus is a collaboration between cinematographer Joost Van Veen, lectronosomnomist/composer Huib Emmer, improviser/no good sonnafebitch/songwriter Lukas Simonis (all NL), Cello Player Nina Hitz (CH) and Forte Piano player Kaoru Iwamura (JAP). Image & Sound are equally important in TIJDLUS. Van Veen made the images, Emmer & Simonis - with a strong influence from the band - the compositions. It is remarkable that both musicians and filmmaker/operator are working together in a live setting, which means that both musicians and filmmaker have the freedom for improvisation.

Florian Cramer / Cora Schmeiser (NL/DE) : Coraria : 2009 : 2'17"
Cora, incredible singer/voice performer specialized in contemporary music, performing one part of John Cage's Aria (1958). Florian, an artist who approaches technical processes in vision and sound as exploring them again from the basics. He shows Cora's performance in the colours that were given in Cage's score for Aria: the performer has to use a particular voice for each given colour.

Karel Doing (NL) / Michal Osowsky (NL/PO) : Liquidator : 2009
The black and white documentairy film Haarlem, 1922 by Willy Mullens, underwent serious material damage over the years. Some years ago the film was restored as much as possible. Experimental filmmaker Karel Doing was inspired by the visual appearance of the damage. He confronted the film with new digital techniques thus giving it a fascinating new life. Polish/Dutch composer and performance artist Michal Osowsky transformed the damage in a musical sound scape.

Danielle Lemaire (NL) : Electronic Playboxes
Danielle who is drawing, painting, singing, performing, also makes video works which sometimes have an autonomous live, sometimes are part of her performances. In whatever she creates, she always expresses a love for handcrafts, folk art, housewives decorative art. In Electronic playboxes, which is an animation with flowers, she combines the visual appearance with the lovely music box sounds by which image and sound fully melt together.

Marcus Kaiser (D) : Unterholz : 2009 : fragment performance registration
German musician and visual artist. Marcus creates large-scale performative installations which include architecture, objects, video-projections and performing musicians. He always appears in his projects as a performing musician, either live or filmed. Marcus worked together with the Düsseldorf based international composers collective Wandelweiser.

Pierre Bastien (NL/FR) : Soul : 2011
Pierre performs as musician and live video editor. Since many years he combines interactive installations built up of children's toys. By winding them up and let them play he creates a sort of soft techno music, by which he plays along on his trumpet. In recent years he expanded his toolbox with turntables and he uses video cameras to beam the beautiful movements of the little machinery life onto an enormous screen behind him.

Jacky Sawatzky (NL/CA) / Wende Bartley (CA) : Soundlines : 2010 
Jacky, Dutch artist since many years living and working in Canada, works with different media, but prefeberably with video. This turns out in sometimes very clever and witty project based works, sometimes using complicated digital media techniques. She made Soundlines, a quite lyrical work, in collaboration with the Canadian composer Wende Bartley whose works are often a combination of voices and electronic sounds. A panoramic camera-movement through a forest after a violent storm, is combined with a sound scape existing of three woman voices and electronics

Klaus Wyborny (DE) : Studien zum Untergang des Abendlandes : 1979 - 2010 
'Studien zum ....' which was successfully screened in this years Rotterdam International Film Festival, is a hallucinating experimental work in which music and image are interwoven in a very radical system: for each note of the string quartet in Schönbergs twelve-tone system, an image appears on the screen. This very severe connection between the basics elements of music and stills taken from mostly industrial surroundings forced into an artificial movement, creates a metaphysical and at the same time poetic experience.

Arnold Marinissen / Rob Marinissen (NL) : Prepared Forest : 2008 
Arnold is the most versatile and creative percussionist I know. Since many years he plays an important role in the Ives Ensemble and travels around the world with performances where he works together with singers, dancers and visual artists. Many important contemporary composers wrote pieces to be performed by Arnold who often combines his percussive activities with singing and/or speaking. In Prepared Forest, a collaboration with his brother and filmmaker Rob, Arnold beats trees with enormous pieces of wood, thus creating a sort of jungle techno which is both beautiful and funny.