08.03.2011 - 21.03.2011

TAMARA DEES : TOR MAGNOLIA : 2009 : LOOP : 127’00”

Tamara is an artist from Terneuzen, Zeeland (many of the artists I know from Zeeland are very consistent in being inspired by their landscape and water) and throughout her artistic career working with boats and water. Her projects are based on severe concepts: Cribbar, 2007 was a long shot from a camera on one steady point waiting along the coast of Cornwall, where once in 2 years a big wave seems to appear. A passing bird proved that the camera was running.Tor Magnolia is a record of the trip of a large cargo ship from Terneuzen harbour to Ghent harbour, taken in one long shot from departure to arrival. The camera is fixed on the bridge, where one can hear from a distance the voices of crew members communicating with their surrounding via the mariphone. That's all. But by this simplicity the film is a fascinating monument of a dynamic steady movement through time and space.