08.02.2011 - 13.02.2011 LONGSHOTS #28


A first work by Yvonne: s.e.ifiction, that we showed in 2008 exists of filmed interiors/ installations with nearly motionless actors, which resulted in a very peaceful but at the same time uncomfortable atmosphere. “Es gibt.....” exists of very slow observative camera movements through the interior of an apartment without human beings, although one is continuously aware of the person that lived (and died?) in this apartment. The furniture and props in the rooms are dated but not too far away from being recognized as nowadays, it is a soft mix between old fashioned and temporary objects: on one side the brown wooden walls and furniture, on the other side the computer and modern medical objects. One can make up a sad situation of an older or sick person but at the same time it could have been a happy person that was able to enjoy life because of good medical treatment. During the slow - and in a sense monotonous but also very aesthetic - views through the rooms one has enough time to fantasize about all the oppositional elements of life and death.


15.02.2011 - 07.03.2011 : COMPILATION

Bhavani S. (IN) : Cross over : video : 2009 : 3’00”
Video artist from India. Her films are a mixture of documentary and conceptual art. In Cross Over she walks in the sun over a bridge, while filming her shadow projected on the water surface and parts of land below her. Sometimes there is a fragment of the stone pillars of the bridge railing nearby. A simple but fascinating game with movement and space.

"It is the River Cauvery which originates from my native place Kodagu. I am born and brought up in Kodagu. The water is drawn and used for the Bangalore city from the Dam in Mysore city, so my connection to it is like we meet again in the city. So my shadow on the River is very intimate and personal too. I have an ongoing project of traveling along with the River until it reaches the ocean in The Bay Of Bengal."
~ Bhavani S.

Rolf Langebartels (DE) : Fallen sounds installation : 2006 : 13’00”
Visual artist and curator in Berlin (Giannozzo, The sound bag) Rolf Langebartels, created in his small living and work space several very clever and ingeniously built movement/sound installations, that always have a relation with music. 'Fallen' is a meditative electronically directed sound installation, temporary situated in a meditative space, the sound rises thoughts about rituals from all over the world. The sound of a ball touching one of the metal platforms causes a reaction in the movements of the other elements of the installation: it stops the balls from falling for a moment, or it speeds up the falling, thus creating an unpredictable follow up of the beats.

DesirEE Palmen (NL) : Old City Suit : performance registration : 2007 : 10’00”
The main item in Desiré's performative work is to make herself invisible. In an attempt to vanish visually in a certain background she creates clothes that take the colours and the structures of that back ground. Besides these painterly, sculptural as well as performative aspects, the works deal with ideas about the politics of human being/ not being.

SpOp (nl) : casa incognita : 2009 : 3’30”
The films by SpOp, a collaboration between Marit Shalem visual artist, and Lenny Verhoog film/media artist, combine both disciplines in an overwhelming mix of real materials, light, installations and actors, and animated and digitally manipulated images. Casa Incognita was made as a clip with the band VRIL, including Lukas Simonis and Chris Cutler, and the main 'roles' are played by Marit and Lenny's children.

Maria Angerman (FI) : Night walk : 2009 : 8’00”
Walking around in a city late at night or in the very early morning one can come across all kind of individuals: a person that cannot sleep, a lost drunk, a lonesome man making a phone call, a victim of a relational drama........ The beauty of Maria's film is that it does not want to be more than a collection of such people seen during a late walk.

Geertrui van de Craats (NL) : War horse white : 2009 : 3’30“
The works of Geertrui are not fixed on a certain discipline. Geertrui travels and gets interested in the history or the special atmosphere of a place. But her main instrument to express her interest in 'telling stories' is video. War horse white was made in Rumania: a strange 'ritualistic' activity with a horse: the horse is painted in camouflage army colours by a woman who now is 'cleaning' it.

Lorenzo Casali / Micol Roubini (IT) : Ignition : 2010 : 10’00”
Fascinated by the theatre of architecture and especially of the elimination of architecture, Lorenzo made various video works and installations of demolition processes in Italy, Hungary and Rotterdam. In 2010 he went with his girlfriend/artist to Cork Ireland for a residential stay. The couple got involved in a rough scene of young people, moving around on horses and celebrating enormous fires in an area with ruins of industrial architecture on the edge of the city. The concept for Ignition was developed by both the artists. Video/photograpy: Lorenzo Casali, audio recording Micol Roubini