04.01.2011 - 25.01.2011 : MARCUS BERGNER (AU) : EXPERIMENTAL FILMS

Marcus Bergner is a Melbourne based visual artist, experimental filmmaker, writer and performing poet. His films which often are a combination of found footage and his own experiments with the camera, show Marcus' passion for painting: light and color. I met Marcus in Sydney where he was performing with the sound poetry group Arf Arf, for which poetry, performance and film are strongly related. Recently he moved to Prague where he will be teaching in FAMU film academy.

The compilation will show some of Marcus' early film experiments a.o. Stramm : Super 8 : 1987 and Doppelganger : 1985

Screening the super-eight films Doppelganger Film (1985) and Stramm (1986) by Marcus Bergner at Sub-Urban
In a sense both films settle old scores by being made from the raw excitement and other responses generated by reading the poetic works of August Stramm, Amelia Rosselli and Franco Fortini amongst many others. But especially it was Ernst Meister the great delineator of word-shadows whose tenebrous decibels ring out throughout eight-millimetre leaps or lisps therein.  Graphically and somatically conversing/ conflating presciently into dolorously playful puns or non-meanings (the kind disarticulated so perfectly by Emilio Villa); these films could just as well be signets or crosscuts to imagined tunnels telepathically forming between the screen at Sub-Urban and the foundation stones of the Rotterdam library nearby. In these tunnelled and invisible spaces earwigs, earthworms and tiny microbes calligraphically and empathetically design or manoeuvre new types of reading machines. Whilst film more like book illustrations momentarily and clumsily forages and fossilises within the amplified but rarefied scatterings/smatterings of open space and fixed light sources.

25.01.2011: artists talk : MARCUS BERGNER (AU)

Marcus Bergner will show and talk about his films and perform some of his sound poems.
Talk starts 8 pm, 5€ entrance.