07.12.2010 - 24.12.2010 : Ten Years One MinuteS

The One Minutes (TOM) is a brand name for moving images that last exactly one minute. It fits well in our world of looking quickly, understanding immediately and it is a response to the influence of commercials, video clips and the increased affordability of camera’s, computers and access to Internet. The limited time frame forces the maker to think critically about what he/she would like to show us. The flexibility of the formula and the diversity of dissemination from the street to galleries, tv and festivals make it an attractive and accessible contemporary art form for a broad audience.

The One Minutes were launched in 1998 and by now it has developed into a global network with makers from 100 countries and an archive of 10000 video works that are shown (inter) nationally on many podia. Its core activity is the annual competition for the best One Minutes. Additionally The One Minutes realizes television programs, exhibitions, dvd-releases, lectures, workshops, internet tv and websites. The One Minutes foundation manages a wealth of images, facilities, contacts and experiences and would like to share this with third parties.

Florian Göttke_Untitled
Joris Nouwens_La belle histoire
Jennifer Tee_Onions
Helmut Dick_Koffiezetapparaat
Hendrik Niefeld_Ein film von Mir
Ineke Bakker_Vlieg
Allard Zoetman_Adults
Martin Takken_RGB
Stephanie Kratz_Fliegen
Elisa van Schie_De slechte zanger

Nicky Zwaan_Hangen
Alexandra Rouppe van der Voort_Mijn rust
David Skoog_Pull, pull, pull
Persijn Broersen_Wallpaper 5
Dick Tuinder_Ah, yes, eternity
Arno Coenen_Running Pornstars
Thierry Mandon_Les feuilles mortes
Marissa Evers_Lantaarn
Kristine Hymüller_Viking
Erik Alkema_Trailer I

Tessa Joosse_De uitkijk
Thijme Breukers, Jeroen Wvollaars, Gerrit Dragt_Het maken van
Tammuz Binshtock_Kadooregel
Persijn Broersen_Wallpaper 9
Dario Bardic_Time travel
Mizin_Selbs portrait
Ilja den Hollander_Salmon Pink
Simone Lecca_Souvenir
Guido van der Werve_The walking pigeon
Michal Butink_Rodeo

Thomas Bagge_A-bok
Juergen Chil_Haus II
Nienke Eijsink_Jane Bond
Dario Bardic_Love Song
Stefan Ruitenbeek_Untitled
Jennifer Pettersson_Lipstick
Tony Hofman_All is time
Evelien Krijl_Untitled
Allard Zoetman_Homo Ecco part II
Oskar Nilsson_Untitled

Nir Nadler_Last dance
Meiya Lin_Breather
Gerben Kruk_Vogels
Eline Jongsma_Portrait
Tang Nanan_Balloon
Vedran Samanovic_As of tomorrow
Linda Bannink_Mexico city
Anja Masling_One day
Constant Dullaart_Angeline
Hieke Pars_Zaandam’r rugs

Maarten Isaak de Heer_Gans Egaal
Narineh Daneghyan_Chalkpainting
Tal Amitai_All the people passing by are not me
Bruno Goosse_The right stuff
Yaniv Shmeltzer_Sulema and Julio
Constant Dullaart_Gevierde Kanselier (Celibrated Chanselor)
Linda Bannink_Lochem
Jan Fuchs_Die Fabrikantin Auf Piaf
Laura Martin_Dress form
Nils Mühlenbruch_Drifters from outerspace

Steven de Jong & Avi Krispin_Steven’s Pitch
Weina_City Space
Regina Kelaita_Untitled
Wouter v.d.Sluijs_Physical pain is not an emotion (EEA05)
Zhang Chi_Kin Mountain of Beijing
Daniel Bevan_Oxford street
Anssi Pulkkinen_Decrease_EEA05
Johans Westerlund & Nystorm_ A Minute of Silence
Timo Vaittinen_615
Daniel van Hauten_My birthday

Francis Wasser_Twentyfourseven
Vesna Bukovac_Important news
Ramon Coelho & Tom_Tommy (before)
Shalom Amira_The Cube
Sagi Groner_Control our webcam
Su Canshu_Chinese Stamp
Amir Admoni_Snooze
Kyoko Inatome_ Public space2-street1
Victoria Gudnadottir_Curiosity
Sjoerd Tanghe_Ma Vie

Lotje van Lieshout_Captain
Ulric Roldanus_La traversée des boeux
Xiang Feng_ Market
Dick Boshoff_Starlings
Pauline Bremmer_137
Thierry Mandon_Tableau Vivant
Antti Savela_Emma
Pin Pong_Luis O Miquel, Janvier Castro
Wypke Jannette Walen, Joel Sahuleka_Stilleven met glaasjes op tafel
Joseph Kagada_Jesus

Aukje Dekker_Love Hotel
Janis Vitolis_Simple day
Richard Elekwa_The black race
Zhang Ying_Dedicated to my father
Denise Nieuwejaers_ Wuiven
Hakopian_The fisherman
Su Tomesen_Scraping
Jasper van Es_Benauwd
Margreet Kramer_Mevrouw B.
Matthew Esterhuizen & Ben Collins_Sweeper

The hungry hearts performance_Last kiss goodbye
Solveig Sigmond_On the platform
Maartje Jaquet_kroket
Eke Kriek_ Tokyo Blue Screen Project
Su tomesen_ Oscarland, Rio de Janeiro
Judith leysner_Spring Forever
Levi van Veluw_Landscape
Sander Lee_Charming
Persijn Broersen en Margit Lukacs _Palace Of The Emirates, Anastasia Komzolova, AbuDhabi
Wypke Jannette Walen_De keukens van Amsterdam