12.10.2010 - 17.10.2010 : ARNULF RAINER



19.10.2010 - 07.11.2010 : COMPILATION


A collection of video performances, built up around the work Confrontation with my video image from 1973 by Arnulf Rainer, in which artists choose a more or less vulnerable situation by appearing in front of the camera with a more or less strictly planned idea. Looking (at themselves) and improvising seem to be quite close elements. But where do they look at really? Do they see themselves? Or is all what they see the eye of the camera?
Arnulf Rainer watches himself on the little camera screen and reacts on what he sees.
Tim Etchells looks in the camera but has to imagine his self to be able to talk about his own history. Also Kim Engelen probably had to imagine her own appearance while looking in the camera, whereas Inge Hoonte imagines herself in the public situations she is talking about.
In Vito Acconci's Theme song the viewer is the essential element of the work: the artist looks and speaks directly 'to you'.
Moniek Toebosch has to see the person she is creating by her performance. Dana Sederowsky's appearance for the camera is a sculptural and theatrical support for the texts she is pronouncing.

26.10.2010 / 8pm : Artists talK : INGE HOONTE US/NL

TIM ETCHELLS UK : Downtime 2005 9:50
Tim Etchells, writer, performance artist and theatre director, sits alone in front of the camera and talks. It seems that he planned to recall thoughts and memories of farewell moments in his life. Although the process brings up deep and emotional feelings, Tim remains close to the actual time and situation.

INGE HOONTE US/NL : 'I'd Like To' 2006 3:15
In het own words: 'Ranging from subtle eye contact to a desire for more intimate connections with strangers we pass everyday, I'd Like To is a softly whispered daydream on the attempt and failure of human interaction in daily life'

ARNULF RAINER AT : Confrontation with my video image 1975 fragment 5:00
Rainer sees his own face on the little screen next to the camera. He keeps observing and exploring his face as a whole and in detail. It might look ridiculous for an adult person to act as if he has never seen his face before, but I saw the work as a work of art: a ritualistic activity as a celebration of a renewed experience of the image of the
self, by means of this new medium video.

It seems that this piece exists by the attempt to express these 'key questions of love' deeper and more honest and personal as could be expressed by an actor.

MONIEK TOEBOSCH NL : from Verzamelde aan- en toevallen 1980 - '83 6:00
Moniek Toebosch is a visual artist. In 'Verzamelde......she presents a 'role', while being surrounded by all the ingredients of theatre: the person, make-up, artificial lighting, costume and a sort of 'drama'.

VITO ACCONCI US : Theme Song 1973, fragment 9:00
In Theme Song, Acconci uses video as close-up to establish a perversely intimate relation with the viewer, creating a personal space in which to talk directly to (and manipulate) the spectator. He is face to face with the viewer, his head close against the video screen, lying cozily on the floor.

DANA SEDEROWSKY SE : Special Announcements' from 2006 ongoing 6:00
No improvisation. Dana Sederowsky wants the perfect image and sound. She appears like a classical portrait. Although we look at the artist herself, there is no personal or emotional expression, her eyes are closed: Dana's appearance in front of the camera is a sculptural and theatrical support for the words she wants to bring forward.