14.09.2010 - 21.09.2010 : XUÁN ANLEO : BREEZE

Xuán Anleo : Breeze, 2010, loop - During winter 2009/2010 Xoán Anleo (La Mancha, Spain) was a residential guest of Duende, Rotterdam. During this period he made the video installation Breeze, inspired by the dynamics of the building sites on De Kop van Zuid.
Breeze is a fitting title for this work: it shows an artificial sort of life. The heartbeat rhythm of the piling machines.In Breeze various rhythms work together: the irregular appearance of the two images, the rhythm of the machines , the repetition of the images over a longer period, the artificial rhythm of the sound beats.....
It immediately arose the thought of dance one I saw it first, and the rhythms are not the only reasons for that. It is also caused by the way the artist has been looking at other movements: the vibration of a belt, the tightening and unbending of cables, the swerving of cranes, all happening against a steel blue sky, the brisk clarity of a winters day.



21.09.2010 - 12.10.2010 : COMPILATION


A collection of works or registrations of works that are more or less connected to movement and dance.

fragment of a registration of Inari's most recent performance. Finnish dancer and choreographer, works with musicians, video artists, visual artists. Spoken language plays an important conceptual role in her strictly organized
performances where dancing is dancing, space is space and time is time.

ILSE MELIS (NL) zonder titel 1 2009 2:00
Visual studies about movements of the body, her own body. Looking at those movements in such an isolated way that they become surrealistic. Ilse is working on possibillities to present those works in a way, f.i. in architecture, that time does not play a role anymore. The minimal movements keep the figure in a sort of balance, a meditative way of being.

KAREL DOING (NL) Jinx 2005 9:00 Betacam, colour
Jinx is a bad spirit or a hopeless situation. In this short dancefilm the jinx is stronger then two breathtaking women, dancing their last dance. A telephone and a car are the only attributes, a lonely road between sea, sand and wind is the location. A short, rough film in vivid colours. Jinx is a collaboration of Karel Doing and the Rotterdam based dance-group Lieber Gorilla.

BRITT KOOTSTRA (NL/FIN) The journey 2009 4:08
Four woman in a row. They make rhythmic movements, and they enjoy it. It is not clear what the backgound of the movements is: it could be some woman's fitness, or an exercise for a sitting line-dance, the film leaves it all open.

BART VEGTER (NL): in Need of Space, Bart Vegter 1982 5:00
The animation films by this Rotterdam filmmaker are a tribute to light, colour, form and movement. As a filmmaker Bart Vegter developes his works with the look of a painter, a sculptor or a choreographer.

ELAINE SUMMERS (US) Two girls downtown Iowa, 1973 3:00
Since it was not possible to receive Elaine Summers' film Absence and presence in time, Thomas Körtvelyessy was so kind to lend us another early experimental dance film by Summers:
'Two girls downtown Iowa' 1973 of which film we will show an 8 minute fragment.

TOINE HORVERS (NL): Kantelen 1981 3:00 Beeldruimte s'Hertogenbosch
Beeldruimte was an art initiative in an old workshop. Toine Horvers confronted the size and power of his body with the different architectural elements in the space. He developed 5 movement studies which he performed live for an audience. In Toppling he found out that it was just possible to throw himself to and fro between the pillars.

ILSE MELIS (NL) zonder titel 2 2009 2:00
Dreamy, sensual, gentle movements, fingers and flesh. The effect of projection on projection intensifies this caleidoscopic atmosphere.......