04.05.2010 - 17.05.2010 : This Particular Fact of Situation

This exhibition features all the artists from PZI who had a video at this time that they wanted to share with you. It was an open submission and the videos were not aware of each other while they were being made. Curatorially, this is lazy, I know. But I don’t think it’s important–at least not here, right now, not for this. I would just like it very much, if you could watch this selection of moving images and have a think and a feel (take that any way you want) while you catch up with friends over a coffee and slice of cake. There’s no simple way to talk about these works as a group, except as a fact of situation: location and time. By this I mean these people, these artists all work together in the same building at the same moment. And so, although this is not the only or the most interesting way to connect them, I’d like to leave you with these works in the knowledge that they were gathered in an environment that is made up of wonderful and truly dedicated individuals, I write here about staff, student, administrator and artist.

I find it to be a rare space (especially within the world of art education) that has changed the way I think and therefore the way I make and act.

I hope you find some things of interest in this particular fact of situation.
Jay Tan

GHISLAIN AMAR (FR) A Place To Rest 2010 16'' ~ Imagine a life that would only be exploration. One would forget work and would only think about learning. We wouldn't have to do things that we don't want to do then. How would life be if it was only constituted by exploration? It would consist in turning around the things... around all type of things placed on the same level... and to slightly touch them, to see what appears underneath them. 
LEE WELCH (IE/US) Our longing for reflection grows day by day 2008 11''46' ~ Our longing for reflection grows day by day explores how hindsight blinds as much as it reveals. By re-presenting a montage of scenes from Ferran's film adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover, the past takes on different forms depending on the viewpoint from which it is interpreted.
JAY TAN (UK) Will 2010 2''40'
LINDA QUINLAN (I) We live in the flicker - may it last as long as the old earth keeps rolling 2008 3''32' ~ Taking its title from Joseph Conrad's, Heart of Darkness this stop motion work sets two postcards found while visiting Lake Como in dialogue. The dynamics of cinematographic construction, together with subjects of a shifting and rhythmic nature are concerns that preoccupy this work, meditating all the while on whether we are concerned with moving forward or digging deeper.
PRISCILA FERNANDES (PT) In Search of the Self 2010 16’‘17’ colour sound ~ Upon the blackboard a diagrammatic drawing of identity theories unfolds. In a didactic exercise of incongruous references, ranging from the Enlightenment individual to the Post-modern subject, two characters differenciated by different t-shirts (red and blue) attempt to find the ultimate representation of the notion of identity; resulting in a theory based on the imagining of multiple personalities.
SERENA LEE Under Cover Justice Lover 2010 4''15' ~ “If your band sucks or you can't write good songs, you can just do some covers and then maybe people will feel better about paying to see you. You should also look hot.”
SERENA LEE Canyon Song 2010 8'' ~ “No more names in the desert, desert, desert...”
BITSY KNOX Poor Old Soul/Growing from Dead Trees 2010 15''37'