09.02.2010 - 02.05.2010

Four Rotterdam artists created new work for Sub urban Video Lounge.



09.02 - 22.02 : Mels van Zutphen : Toreinfahrt (premiere)
16.02 / 8pm : Artists Talk Mels van Zutphen
22.02 - 01.03 : Mels van Zutphen : Fernsehturm (2003)

02.03 - 08.03 : Ine Lamers : NOT SHE (2005)
09.03 - 22.03 : Ine Lamers : White Nights (to F.) (premiere)
16.03 / 8pm : Artists Talk Ine Lamers

23.03 - 05.04 : Mirjam Somers : Hush (premiere)
06.04 - 12.04 : Mirjam Somers : Torn Horse
06.04 / 8 pm Artists Talk Mirjam Somers

13.04 - 26.04 : Karel Doing : Aasne en Camilla (premiere)
27.04 - 03.05 : Karel Doing : Servants 2 (2009)
20.04 / 8 pm : Artists Talk Karel Doing


Mels van Zutphen's contribution Toreinfahrt is within the KIMM-project the most sculptural, most architectural one: Is it film or an installation? Its a collection of moving images so it should be film.....and yes, cinematographic effects are used by the artist: the zoom seems to bring us somewhere but in fact it does not, it ends somewhere in a void. In the meantime we have the feeling that the building stays in its place: wé are the ones that move. Looking at many of the same corridors of which only the content differs, we get the feeling that we are entering many different entrances of the same building, the building settles as a static piece of architecture in the space of Sub urban video lounge.

09.02.10 - 22.02.10 : Mels van Zutphen : Toreinfahrt (premiere) - The massive apartment blocks that are so typical of Berlin, show little contact between inside and outside: small windows in thick walls. There is the square cavity of the corridor leading to the courtyard, often used for parking bikes, cars and household junk. Those 'tunnels' seem to be the only connection between public and private. The work 'Toreinfahrt' consists of successive slow movements of the camera from the public area of the street into the private area of many of those courtyards, ending with a close up of what is in the background.. The zoom seems to move towards a specific spot as if to attract our attention for an important detail. But this built up tension is not redeemed: we are constantly missing the point. This effect is intensified by the sounds that go with the images: sounds of human activity: voices, foot steps, closing car doors, starting engines: sounds of activities that are invisible.

16.02.2010 : 8 pm : Artist's talk : Mels van Zutphen talks about his work and shows inspirational works from: Bert Haanstra, Michael Snow, Guido v/d Werve, a.o.

22.02,10 - 01.03,10 : Mels van Zutphen : Fernsehturm (2003) -


Ine Lamers is an artist who works with both photography and video installations. Her works are atmospheric statements about people in their surroundings. For years Ine has felt passionately connected to Russia and the Baltic countries. In her films, where she works with actors and non-actors, it is in the first place the atmosphere that creates a strange distance with the presented situation, meditative, beautiful and at the same time uncomfortable, disturbing. A distance that keeps her work strongly connected to visual art. Ine's work Ustala is now showing in Museum Boijmans until may. Within the project KIMM Ine created 'White Nights'.

02.03.10 - 08.03.10 : Ine Lamers : NOT SHE (2005) starring Thekla Reuten - Tells the story of Mimi, an actress, or rather, a woman who thinks she is an actress. Mimi dwells in a room that looks like a backstage area. There are props, set-elements, costumes and lamps. We watch her as she starts acting, touching the props, switching on the lights and dressing herself up. Mimi recites and quotes scenes from classical films, trying to make us believe that for an instant she is someone else, someone like Monica Vitti, or Delphine Seyrig or Gena Rowlands. Her acting is somewhat bizarre, for she poses and plays her parts as if she is facing an audience or a camera, yet she is completely alone.

09.03.10 - 22.03.10 : Ine Lamers : White Nights (to F.) (premiere) - A park at the Wolga river forms the stage for a series of meetings between a couple of young women and a single man. The encounters in the summer morning light are filled with ambiguity and suspense. Incongruous gestures and body movements mingle with fragmented gazes thus suggesting a complex network of relations and histories. By the indefinite actions, and cinematographic manipulations , the film blends reality with dream perception. In stills and moving imagery and by temporal intervals a multiple intrigue is unfurled.

16.03.10 8pm : Artists Talk - Maya Deren 1917 - 1961 was an American avant-garde filmmaker and a feminist film theorist of the 1940s and 1950s. Deren was also a choreographer, dancer, poet, writer and photographer. Maya Deren's films have been an important source of inspiration for Ine Lamers' work. In her artists talk she will show 'Meshes of the afternoon' 1943 and 'At Land' 1944. > Entrance fee 5 €


Mirjam Somers video works are short, compressed moments of calm, menace, and release. People and animals inhabit a disturbing world, which appears as Spartan and austere as it is strange and mysterious. When not alone, the protagonists are left to each other’s devices, united only in their submissiveness and incapacity. Sometimes they appear to be simply waiting, as if frozen in time and space, while at other moments their actions are determined by habit, necessity or ritual. In the works, the aesthetic landscape is a silent witness of unchangeable vicious circles.The works are personal reflections on the conditions of humans and animals.

23.03.10 - 05.04.10 : Mirjam Somers : Hush (premiere), double screen video loop - A caged and nervous albino crow reacts to the sounds of his environment, while a floating camera moves freely through a desolated landscape. The disturbed and huddled bird in the video installation ‘Hush’ is installed between floor and ceiling in the narrow space of the Sub urban video lounge. The sinister constant icy noice of the contemplative projection of the landscape is interrupted by the rising sound of a plane, passing the bird, passing the space.

06.04.10 - 12.04.10 : Mirjam Somers : Torn Horse 2009, 2’38”, video loop - A horse hops continuously at the edge of the forest, without being able to move. Although the animal looks very powerful, invisible forces seem to keep her immobile. She is free, but to frozen to flee. Torn Horse shows a situation of stagnation, in which the loose movements of an obscure figure and the graceful movements of the horse have no influence. Soundscape by Silent M studio, Charly van Rest.

06.04.10 / 8pm Artists Talk Mirjam Somers - Mirjam Somers talks about her work and shows inspirational works like 'Time after Time’, 2003 by Anri Sala: an old, pathetic horse that stands alone on the side of a Tirana motorway, its body illuminated only by the headlights of passing cars. Furthermore works by Roman Signer, Marjan Laaper,Tarkovski, Chris Marker, Liza May Post a.o.


Karel Doing is a filmmaker whose experiments with all aspects of film resulted in an enormous variety of works, ranging from experimental films with found footage, live film-performances in collaboration with musicians, dancers and visual artists, up to computer generated video animation. Karel was the first artist who created a special work for Sub urban video lounge: Group Portrait 1 in 2005. In a special light-setting he situated the staff members of the coffee bar in a circle and asked them to whisper a non existing word in each others ear and filmed this on 16 mm. The result was a slightly slowed down one minute film played repeatedly for one week in Sub urban. Two years later this work was sort of followed up by Servants, a double screen projection which is also a group portrait. It seems that a certain part of Karels work fits quite well in the video lounge: Aasne and Camilla is again a portrait specially for Sub urban.

13.03 - 26.04 : Karel Doing : Aasne and Camilla (premiere) 90sec DVD loop - Two girls taking a break, smoking and drinking coffee. Snow starts to fall. They laugh and mimic. Time is slightly distorted, as if the scene is coming from a parallel universe. This new work by Doing is combining Méliès’ 100 year old trickery with state-of-the-art digital technology. The depicted scene is as deceivingly simple.

27.04 - 03.05 : Karel Doing : Servants 2 2009 loop - Two teams during their daily work. They are dependent on machines and logistics. Both teams stand still for two minutes and then continue their work. Standing still and posing for the camera is the only interruption in their daily programme.

20.04 / 8pm : Artists Talk : Karel Doing
VORMITTAGSSPUK / Hans Richter / 1928 / 16 mm / b&w / optical sound / 7' 00
WINDOW WATER BABY MOVING / Stan Brakhage / 1959 / 16 mm / colour / silent / 12' 00
MOMENTUM / Martijn Veldhoen / 2003 / 6'01'' / sound / colour
JINX / Karel Doing / 2005 / 9 minutes / sound / colour / Betacam SP