iffr programmme : K.I.M.M.
26.01.2010 - 08.02.2010
still from Miriam Somers: Urge 2002 2:55


During the International Rotterdam Film festival, Sub urban video lounge will show a compilation of four important Rotterdam film/video-artists, as an introduction to the project K.I.M.M. that will take place over the months February, March and April.Sub urban invited the artists to develop or compose a work to address the special character of the screening space where there is always the sound of coffee cups and the voices of visitors in the background, where you can come in at any time and watch the works as long as you want and where people pass to go to the toilets.

Karel Doing is a filmmaker whose experiments with all aspects of film resulted in an enormous variety of works, ranging from experimental films with found footage, live film- perfomances and installations up to computer generated video animation recently. His first feature film Elvenland is being presented on many festivals. Karel Doing was the first artist who created a special work for Sub urban: Group Portrait 1 in 2005.Ine Lamers is an artist who works with both photography and video installations. Her works are atmospheric statements about people in their surroundings. For years Ine has felt passionately connected to Russia and the Baltic countries. In her films, where she works with actors and non-actors, it is in the first place the atmosphere that creates a strange distance with the presented situation, meditative, beautiful and at the same time uncomfortable, disturbing. A distance that keeps her work strongly connected to visual art. Ine's work Ustala is now showing in Museum Boijmans until may.

Animals play an important role in most of the video works of Mirjam Somers, or to be more exact: the relation between humans and animals. The figures in her works seem to live at the mercy of each other, united in their powerlessness, while their actions seem to be determined by necessity or rituals. The works are silent and filled with a poetic meditative tension, until somewhere something unexpected happens.

Mels van Zutphen is in the first place a visual artist: his early works were sculptural installations with film. Later he made also real films, but whether they have the character of a documentary, a sculpture or an installation, there is always a certain lightness or irony.
One of the first and very successful works presented in the Sub urban video lounge was
Fernsehturm in the beginning of 2005 where the perfect balance between overview and zoom - in image as well as in sound - created a dazzling Berlin cityscape transferred to the small architecture of the video lounge.

Sub urban video lounge is a space for projected art in the basement of the Urban Espresso Bar at the Botersloot in Rotterdam (near Central Library). Each day from 12 till 5 pm artists works are being screened continuously on one of the walls of this intimate space. As a visitor you can watch those works while enjoying a coffee on a comfortable couch.The program concentrates on art presented by moving images, specially those where the various disciplines overlap: film/video, visual art, theatre, dance, poetry, music and architecture as well as slides or other light-projected media.


Karel Doing : Antipode136 2006 fragment 8:39 - As to the fable that there are Antipodes, that is to say, men on the opposite side of the earth, where the sun rises when it sets on us, men who walk with their feet opposite ours, there is no reason for believing it.

Mirjam Somers: Manuscript 2000 1:35 - A poetic scene: a person sitting on the ground, writing, surrounded by sheets of paper and accompanied by a crow, and then something fully expected and at the same time unbelievable happens.....
Miriam Somers: Urge 2002 2:55 - A trained police dog and a standing man both waiting for each other's move.
Ine Lamers: how many times can one repeat the same thing 2009 6:55 -The film shows a situation between an English lesson, a trial and a personal talk. A close up of a Russian boy, doing his best to pronounce some English sentences, dictated by a young woman. It shows the inexorable process of adaptation and incorporation in the global (English) language, a process with political and social implications. Texts in this film are written by Dutch poet Saskia de Jong.

Mels van Zutphen / Sander Blom: In de bergen, in de sneeuw 1999 7:30 original 16 mm

A wood cutter chops a tree,
a hunter shoots an animal,
in the winter snow in the Alps.