04.01.2010 - 25.01.2010  


A compilation of experimental films by Bart Vegter, Teruo Koike and Joost van Veen
composed by Bart Vegter (

- Horizontalen Bart Vegter 1981 6:00 silent (Vegter's first film)
- In Need of Space Bart Vegter 1982 5:00 music: Steve Reich
- Ecosystem-16 Teruo Koike JP 2009 15:00
- Nacht-Licht Bart Vegter 1993 13:00 music: Kees v.d. Knaap
- Space-Modulation Bart Vegter 1994 1:00 silent
- De Tijd Bart Vegter 2008 9:00 silent
- Interlude Joost van Veen 2005 2:30


'Abstract film is a genre that has existed almost as long as the medium film itself.
To stress its importance, one is sometimes inclined to refer to a coherent tradition, but in abstract film involves a collection of Einzelgänger through the last century.'
This absence of the herding instinct can be partly explained by the very different backgrounds of its practitioners.
Many abstract film makers were originally painters (Hans Richter) and started using the medium film to set their graphical ideas in motion. For others, making abstract films was related to making kinetic sculptures (Moholy-Nagy).
Several originally made experimental films and regarded purely abstract films as a continuation of their 'live-action' work (Stan Brakhage).
Yet others were initially interested in developing a visual form of music and did not necessarily have an unambiguous background in other disciplines (Oskar Fischinger)'
'Bart Vegter is an artist who goes his own way without being disrupted by fashion or questions about relevance. He is abreast of predecessors and contemporaries who operate in the same field, but he does not follow or allow himself to be dragged along by technical developments. He fits in very well with the image of the abstract film maker sketched above: an Einzelganger who looks for his own means to communicate his fascinations on film'
''Nacht-Licht', 'Space-Modulation' and 'Forest-views' are made on the computer using software he wrote himself.
In his computer programs Bart Vegter works with principles related to natural processes.
Processes that become visual in the patterns in the sand at low water or the waves caused by wind and current. Bart's films are not about natural phenomena like this in a direct illustrative way, but are themselves such natural phenomenon'
(quotes from 'Abstract film and the work of Bart Vegter' by Joost Rekveld 2001)

Bart Vegter saw Teruo Koike's (Japan 1951) work for the first time at the RETINA festival in Hungary in 1989 where Teruo sreened 'Ecosystem -6'. Bart was showing 'Four Moves'.
Although normal human contact with Teruo was difficult, they were fascinated by each others work and stayed in contact over the years via their films.
ECOSYSTEMS is an extended series of film that work with abstract patterns of extraordinary density and complexity; it is inspired by the complex chaos systems present in nature.
Apart from this fascination for nature Bart's and Teruo's works are absolutely oppositional.

Joost van Veen (1969) studied Audiovisual design at the Academy for Visual Arts in Tilburg. Since 1995, he works as a filmmaker, performer, sound designer and producer of Audiovisual projects. He co-founded in 2000 the WORM.filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam, a production and presentation foundation for experimental film makers.
In his work he often explores the ‘non-reality’. Van Veen’s short films and live cinema projects are screened and performed worldwide.
For his projects he collaborated, among other artists, with: Guy Bishop (sculptor), Chris Cole (composer), Huib Emmer (composer), Matt Hulse (filmmaker), Ben Rivers (filmmaker), and Lukas Simonis (composer).