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09.05.2009 WORDS LIVE 3

LOCATION : Stichting B.A.D. Rotterdam
CURATED BY Toine Horvers i.c.w. Samuel Vriezen, Dante Boon, Cora Schmeiser

Three performance nights about the spoken word in different art disciplines, composed by Toine Horvers, Samuel Vriezen Dante Boon and Cora Schmeiser. A celebration of the oral tradition in the arts, in which the voices of poets, visual artists, musicians, choreographers, actors and storytellers meet. The plan for WORDS LIVE came from the observation that in Poetry International Festival Rotterdam, although there is an interesting program of visual art running parallel, performative text/language works from other art disciplines are absent.
In the visual arts, theatre, music as well as dance examples of the use of oral/vocal language abound. Language in a more or less composed form: sound, rhythm and composition of words and sentences used in an imaginative way. Here, besides conveying information, language and speech refer to itself, particularly, as a spatial and temporal process, thus referring very strongly to oral poetry.

Words Live 3 Lecture

Han van der Vegt, Tom Johnson, I.K. Bonset, Jackson Mac Low Band: Samuel Vriezen/Dante Boon/Martijn Voorvelt/Joost Baars, John Cage, George Quasha, Geert Buelens, Toine Horvers, Samuel Vriezen, Kurt Schwitters, Cora Schmeiser, PJ Roggeband, Arie Altena, Dante Boon/Vito Acconci, Andrea Saemann, Jackson Mac Low.

Words Live is financially supported by Municipal Services for Arts and Culture, City of Rotterdam, Fund BKVB Amsterdam, St. Bevordering Volkskracht and Pakt op Zuid.

Programma Words Live 3

Cora Schmeiser Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate 1922 - 1932 part 1
Toine Horvers Toine Horvers: Names, Sections of the Brain 2007,
Cora Schmeisser I.K. Bonset: Letterklankbeelden 1921
Samuel Vriezen Samuel Vriezen: Gewrichten 2006, 15 12 2007
Dante Boon John Cage, One¹² (1992)
The four programmers of Words Live introduce the afternoon by each reading their choice of a solo performance text.

George Quasha US Axial talk. Quasha will explain and demonstrate the Axial Principle.
American artist and poet, Quasha is fascinated by the concept of axiality as it appears in language, sculpture, drawing, video, sound, installation and performance.

Arie Altena Lecture: (2009)
- Altena is a literary theorist, media researcher and poet. Among other subjects he has written on the connection between recited and chanted epic poetry.

Andrea Saemann CH Representing Presence 2009, a performance by Andrea Saemann thanks to Joan Jonas.
- Saemann tells stories and recounts historical performances, particularly legendary works by female artists, which she reworks in body, mind and language.
PJ Roggeband Plattegrond, taalexpeditie in elf stappen 2008 - 2009
- Expedition of language in eleven steps around a lonely tree. For groups of up to 15 people in the B.A.D. garden.

Maankasteel presents a beautiful meal.
- For many years Nicky Lüneburg and Ron Nout have been running this small catering company.

Jackson Mac Low Band: Dante Boon, Samuel Vriezen, Martijn Voorvelt, Joost Baars
Jackson Mac Low 1922-2004: Biblical Poems 1954/1955 Is That Wool Hat My Hat? 1980
Geert Buelens: Voor de koude oorlog 2009 *
Bas Geerts: WAARLEOMVEN 2001
Dante Boon: Unfinished 2009 * tekst: Vito Acconci
Toine Horvers: Waves 2004
Arf Arf: Sleeping 1996,
Samuel Vriezen: Motet 2004
The Jackson Mac Low Band is a group of four composer/musician/poets who perform polyphonic text compositions, inspired by the work of the American experimental poet/composer Jackson Mac Low

Tom Johnson US/FR Lecture with Repetition 1974, Lecture with Question Period 1974
In his compositions Tom Johnson creates light-hearted games based on strict rules, related to minimal and conceptual art.

PJ Roggeband Harsesplaat - Wordt het een Woordtopelf of gaat de Associatieman tekeer? 2008
One of PJ's hilarious performances about his fascination: eleven-letter words.
Han vd Vegt De Paladijnen. Sound: Sasker Scheerder.

A grand science fiction epic, performed by heart by the poet. De Paladijnen tells of an epic quest in a post-apocalyptic landscape populated by cyborg vehicles.

And afterwards: Jan van den Dobbelsteen will play us music and sounds from his records collection, chosen especially for this occasion.


WORDS LIVE 3 is mede mogelijk gemaakt door Dienst Kunst en Cultuur Rotterdam, Fonds BKVB, Stichting bevordering Volkskracht, Stichting B.A.D. en Pakt op Zuid

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