Botersloot 44a
3011 HH Rotterdam
(near Central Library)


06.10.2009 - 26.10.2009  

Another home-made rich collection of works by young and old, local and international artists.

Kim Engelen NL Borderlines Tape # Hair 2009 5:35
A video-performance. Kim's work is about the presentation of herself and other people for the camera. Are they acting? She works on the edge between acting and being real. In Tape # Hair everything is real, painfully real.

Ilse Melis NL zonder titel 1 2009 1:30
Visual studies about movements of the body, her own body. Looking at those movements in such an isolated way that they become surrealistic. Ilse experiments with projecting those images in architectural surroundings. But also these studies are fascinating to look at.

Melanie Erwin AU Untitled (Sydney and Moreland Rds.) 2009 5:14
From 'Time and Motion studies' curated by Kim Donaldson. A mysterious choreography with the lines of the traffic on the wide stage of a crossroads in Melbourne. A ritual process of scanning or mapping the traffic area.

Jessye Wdowin - McGregor AU Movement studies 2007 -2009 6:13
From 'Time and motion studies' curated by Kim Donaldson Three delicate performance studies about human appearance and movement in public space.

Ilse Melis NL zonder titel 3 2009 1:30

Hana Valentova CZ Yesterday 2009 2:00
Most of Hana's films are based on just a few animated images. 'Yesterday' is a story told by animating only one picture of herself.

Jacky Sawatzky CA/NL Social Metronome 9:55
A portrait of a backally in Vancouver seen through the 'eye' of a programming language. Trying to avoid the identification of individuals Jacky started looking at surveillance methods that use a computer application other then vision to discriminate, so called sightless vision. Social Metronome is a series of video-clips in which the image as well as the editing structure are determent by movement.

Inge Hoonte US/NL I'd Like to 2006 3:15
In her performance/sound and video works Inge Hoonte (Born in the Netherlands, living in Brooklyn NY ) tries to get as close as possible to the everyday thoughts and emotions of life. 'I'd like to' is a touching example of this Beckett way of feeling oneself in relation to our surrounding.

Henk Geraedts NL Wall drawing Toine Horvers 1997 4:01
A video made by a photographer with a painter's eye for composition and light. The artist Toine Horvers working on a wall drawing in the photographer's living room accompanied by the humming of the slide projector and the sounds of daily life in the house.

Ilse Melis NL zonder titel 4 2009 1:30

Bubbele Bim NL Van Bubbelebimse Huize 2008 7:15
'We are Bubbelebim, (anti)literary absurdistic theatre/performance/video duo from Rotterdam: Sim Sala Bubbelebim and Professius T. Taal' In Van Bubbelebimse Huize' Max and Bart play an intelligent game with the phenomenon of Reality TV. Slapstick at first sight, 'reality' reveals itself in layers. Very dutch spoken.

Florian Cramer / Cora Schmeiser NL/DE Coraria 2009 2:17
Cora, incredible singer/voice performer specialized in contemporary music, performing one part of John Cage's Aria (1958) Florian, an artist who approaches technical processes in vision and sound as exploring them again from the basics. He shows Cora's performance in the colours that were given in Cage's score for Aria: the performer has to use a particular voice for each given colour.

Mirjam Somers NL Manuscript 2000 1:35
A very poetic scene: a person sitting on the ground, writing, surrounded by sheets of paper and accompanied by a crow, and than something fully expected and at the same time unbelievable happens.....