Botersloot 44a
3011 HH Rotterdam
(near Central Library)



A series of video-pieces and performance recordings - and fragments from them - in which artists, consciously or unconsciously, take up the challenge of the exactly measurable, but oh so elusive, element of time.


14.10.08 - 19.10.08 : Long Shots 17 : STAAN

Frans van Lent : STAAN 2002
A man stands with his back to the camera. He remains motionless in a landscape that is continually changing character due to swiftly changing light and shadow.
The work STAAN was shot in one take in 2002 in the Teide crater (2100 metre) on Tenerife. The work is unedited and is shown real-time. STAAN is projected in a loop.


21.10.08 - 09.11.08 : A la Recherche du temps perdu

Olphaert den Otter : Swannzij - Het albertinum - Sodom en gomorra 2004- 2006
Although Sub urban has previously shown this series of works by the Rotterdam’s artist Olphaert Den Otter it was felt that they shouldn’t be missing from a program about time.
Olphaert developed the series as an accompanying work for the RO-theater production of Marcel Proust’s A la Recherche du Temps Perdu, directed by Guy Cassiers. His series of ‘multi-media wall drawings’ are concerned in various ways with time: Proust’s story is of course all about time and how memory deals with it. And that personal memory can also be seen as a metaphor for the collective human memory and its history. Olphaert developed an image-system to accurately show the intangible passing of time: each work consists of a charcoal drawing in which 120 changes have been made. The drawing is photographed after each change, after which all the photos form an animation, fading into each other in a precise timeline.
Ultimately, with respect to content, each work also deals with a passage of time: the salon, in which people appear from different times (even Olphaert himself is sitting unexpectedly at the table), a room where day and night follow each other in a short space of time, and a historical painting which transforms into another historical painting.
Each of the three works will be shown for a week in Sub urban. The projection will be the same size as the original drawing. The projections will be accompanied by music of composers who play an important role in Proust’s book.