Botersloot 44a
3011 HH Rotterdam
(near Central Library)



A series of video-pieces and performance recordings - and fragments from them - in which artists, consciously or unconsciously, take up the challenge of the exactly measurable, but oh so elusive, element of time.


16.09.2008 - 21.09.2008 : Long Shots 16 : CLOUDS

Toine Horvers: Clouds 1993 dia-projecties
During a residency on the Aran Islands off the Irish westcoast Toine Horvers took several series of slides of moving clouds. The slides were taken with 30 seconds intervals.
They will be projected with the same interval time as they were taken, thus showing the movements in their real time proportions.


23.09.2008 -12.10.2008 : Compilation 1

Morgan o'Hara US
Hong Kong 2003 13.00
Drawings as registrations of pure time: Morgan notated the movements of the cook on one side of the street while he was preparing the food for her exhibition opening on the other side.

Yvonne Wahl DE
s.e., iFiction 2003 4.00
A sience fiction idea of time and movement?

Ilke de Vries BE
Reactions 2005
exploding balloons: time or no time?

h:min:sec: NL
The looping lights of Lille 2002 fragment 5.00
The camera registrates this monumental movement from the balcony of a hotel room in Bruxelles.

Diego Castro DE
Spin 45 rpm 2003 4.60
'Spin me around' the single of Dead or alive, playing in ghettoblasters, trying to speed up to 45 rpm, the speed of the single.

Henk Wijnen NL
Terminus 1992 fragment 6.00
A mountain in Switserland filmed in different seasons and weather conditions.

Yvette Poorter CA/NL
The Longing 2004 5.35 min.
De (on)begrensdheid van ruimte en tijd: verlangen

Elsa Stansfield/Madelon Hooykaas UK/NL
Running time 1979 6.04
The title 'Running Time', refers to its duration. A figure running in a landscape from infinity towards and past the camera is foreshadowed by a repeating image of himself.

Hana Valentova CZ
I 2008 5.00
Experimental filmmaker Hana Valentova made this film with foto's of herself in various moments of her live thus showing an image of time.